Car loan

Is your family growing? Have you fallen in love with a particular vehicle model? Whatever the reason, changing vehicles involves significant costs.
The Sanou Groupe Finance car loan will help you make your project a reality while benefiting from tailor-made financing to balance your budget.

representative example

Pour un crédit privé de 7.000 € (sans paiement optionnel) pour 36 Monate pour un jour d’achat efficace de 4,97 %

For a personal loan of €7,000 (without optional insurance) over 36 months at a fixed APR of 4.97%

35 monthly payments of €209.36 each
A final payment of €209.05 Total amount due of €7,536.65
Fixed interest rate of 4.86%
The cost of optional insurance for a borrower is €12.60 per month, which is added to the monthly fee; i.e. an effective annual insurance rate of 4.20% for death, disability and disability guarantees and a total amount due for insurance during the entire duration of the loan: €453.60.

Car loan, what loan can you get from Sanou Groupe Finance

The car or motorcycle loan from Sanou Groupe Finance is a personal loan with fixed repayments. This means that the interest rate does not change during the term of the loan. allows you to finance the purchase of a new or used car without paying contributions.

A personal loan does not require proof of use of funds: the borrower can use the capital as he wishes, unlike a dedicated loan, which is used to finance a specific purchase

A flexible financing solution that leaves plenty of room for action.

The private car loan allows you to borrow between €2,500 and €35,000 with an average duration of between 6 and 84 months (7 years). The interest rate applied is determined at the time of subscription and depends solely on the amount borrowed and the duration of the contract.

Personal loan: The advantages of Sanou Groupe Finance

For borrowers, calling on SANOU GROUPE FINANCE means benefiting from a personal loan on fair and competitive conditions. Our prices are the most competitive on the market between €2,000 and €5,000,000. We only offer amortizing personal loans with fixed interest rates and constant monthly payments.

In addition, we offer you exceptional speed: our technologies for analyzing personal loan applications allow you to finance a project in record time; You will receive a simple answer directly at the end of your online personal loan application. Once your file is completed from home, you will receive a definitive response within 24 hours.

Automating certain loan application processes allows you to make objective and immediate decisions, avoiding biased judgments and intrusive questions.

Finally, Sanou Groupe Finance opens the black box of personal loans. The borrower is thus informed in complete transparency and in real time of each stage of the processing of his file via WhatsApp, email and in his customer area. Explanations on his personal solvency and the progress of the processing of his file are provided to him in simple and understandable terms by our advisors, who will contact you by email, Whatsapp!

The funds lent come directly from the investments of our community of investors: Kash kredit express must strictly verify the solvency of borrowers and inform them immediately in the event of refusal.

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